Contractors can help you with more the just numbers in a bid. They can give you valuable information. If you decide to do it yourself, you will have gained a lot of knowledge by talking with a contractor first.

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It takes years  to develop the skills it takes for most  trades. I know the “do-it-yourself”  person wants to  give it a try. We usually end up doing it over, or calling contractors to fix our mess we ended up with.

contractors tennis courts holabird sports

Now that you have broken ground, had your ceremony, you are now ready to address  the base. Excavating can be an easy task of simply scraping ground with a tractor blade.

Other excavation projects can be very involved.  When removing solid rock, or building into a mountain hill side, you may find this to be way to difficult without a professional. Courts like these are spectacular, with views, and gorgeous surroundings.  They are works of art when done properly, and worth every bit of money spent.  Knowledge and equipment contractors use can add years to it’s longevity.

It sure is a little more expensive to put a court in the right way, but worth it.  The more involved it looks for excavating the base the more involved you need to get with a contractor.

Now that you have the grade correct, you may begin compaction. The ground needs compacted prior to and gravel base.  Time for mathematics again.  Cubic yards of product to cover  your square footage of area.  Order your gravel.

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There are many different bases, and recommended depth of base to decide upon. A contractor knows what is most suitable for the job.

Contractors can give you a bid.

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I suggest any extra base
for  one that  might think about spending a little extra on the job.  Make sure it is crushed gravel and not rounded, such as pea gravel. Crushed rock when compacted makes a locking bond with each parts anglular shapes. the Pea gravel type with slide and never really compact. I would recommend 4 inches minimum of crushed gravel base

I like 6 inches plus for the base. This helps create a non-cracking, locked in base, able to support the tremendous load it will be trying to hold up for years to come. Cracks, unlike most people think, come from a shifting base and not from above surface. If the base goes, the surface all goes. No matter how slight the crack that appears on the surface, it’s  the shifting of the base from movement of the earth beneath.  Once cracked, un-proper maintenance of the cracks will cause them to grow in width.  They will also creep.

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Level  out the gravel base, at the proper depth, and make sure you go a little past the edges of the layout for your court. No matter the size, you need a little extra on the edges. You can choose the size of aggregate for the base. Contractors

I like to use 3/4 inch crushed granite.Compact the gravel base, using a roller, or a plate compactor if it is a smaller job. You can wet it down a bit to help keep dust, and also help with compaction of the gravel. If you have chosen asphalt for your pad, then you can now call the asphalt company(s) for a bid. If you are going to use concrete, then you may be able to frame the job, since you made it this far already. Either concrete or asphalt is fine, but there are some extra steps you need to know about prior to using concrete.

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Asphaltic cement (asphalt) is rock, oil, sand etc. It is heated up, and spread hot, rolled with rollers, and whackers, and left to cure for 14 days minimum. Longer curing may help some jobs. Concrete, or cement as it was, is mixed with round rock, and hardens, encapsulating the entire mix into a very hard, more brittle state.

Contrators control the thickness, and things like re-bar that give it strength. Concrete needs others specialties prior to laying it, and/or surfacing begins. Steps to do so can be found in another area about CONCRETE

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Some people think that an asphalt paved basketball or tennis court is softer to play on. They tell me that the  pad is more flexible and has more give to it when jumping and such.  There is no way to support this except that one can agree that the scientific physical properties under study makes it more flexible.  Flexibility does not necessarily mean softer.

A tennis outlet

While this may be true in the laboratory, it certainly will not be noticed during play on the court.  Concrete has properties that make it harder to deal with for bonding and other reasons.  Once the concrete has been treated with chemicals to create a bond, the rest of the comparisons are almost exact. 

The asphalt will suck up a little bit more material than the concrete pad does. For that matter alone I prefer asphalt.  The finished product will end up so similar that only a trained can see any difference.  Concrete and asphalt are both good pads for courts.

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ageless male contractor

Make sure you put a VAPOR BARRIER under the concrete prior to pouring it. You should also note that it is not recommended to seal the concrete if you are planning to surface it.  Sealing it as concrete men love to do, prior to the 27 days of curing time it needs, will only cause future adhesion problems. 

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Which ever you go with, feel good about either .  You will end up with the same product when complete as long as you adhere to the strict recommendations for either concrete or asphalt.  Do it right the first time.  If not, it will look good, but only for a while.  Do it the right way, and it will last many years to come full of enjoyment!


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Resurface Basketball Courts


Resurface basketball courts for the curious.  It really should be done by a professional.  Contractors are available all over the United States and the world.

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  • Start by power washing the surface with (MIN) 3500 psi washer.
  • Keep the nozzle close enough to surface to blast it clean.
  • Wear eye protection.  Chunks should be flying up at you!
  • Rinse entire surface with power washer again.
  • Allow to dry completely.  (Not just to the touch).
  • IF the surface is asphalt then skip to ASPHALT
    • Acid etch the concrete with a light phosphoric acid.
    • Mixed approximately one gal acid to 5 gal potable water.
    • Pour and sweep entire concrete surface with mixed acid
    • Let dry.  Completely dry deep into the concrete pad dry!
    • Apply a bonding coat.  Roll on with out edges or drips.
    • A two part water based epoxy is best.  Let stand 15 min.
    • Mix acrylic base coat.  Add Silica sand and water.  Mix
    • 30 gal acrylic/400 lb – 600 lb Silica (#70 grit)/20 gal water
    • Sand must be washed and bagged clean. NO LARGER 70mesh
    • Apply with bucket from wheelbarrow.  Pour windrows
    • Concrete should be tacky from the bonding coat still
    • If not, apply another bonding coat, allow to tack
    • Apply first coat over top of bonding coat while tacky.
  • ASPHALT Apply Acrylic Base Coat Over Asphalt or Concrete
  • Same application process from here on for both surfaces!
  • Two coats of base acrylic with #70 grit silica and water
  • Follow that with two coats of acrylic color.  Mix on site.
  • Squeegee windrows back and forth until smooth. NO RIDGES!
  • Rub out all drips.  Keep all pours near the windrow of material.
  • Control the edges of the material right down the edge of the court.
  • Twist the handle as needed to steer the material EXACTLY where you need.
  • Allow each coat to dry and set up prior to application of consecutive coats.
  • Scrape the court surface removing all bumps and nubs.  Blow clean.
  • Layout line with chalk and a tape measure.  Lightly mark layouts.
  • Snap lines with white chalk.  DON’t USE POWDER, ITS A MESS
  • Parking lots etc. use power snap lines.  NOT NEW ACRYLICS!
  • Layout all lines. KEY hole(s) three pointer, etc.  Double check.
  • Use a plumb bob to find the spot of the backboard on the surface.
  • Tape all lines needed to be painted to form the basketball court.
  • Pre-coat masking tape with straight color matching the court color.
  • Paint lines after pre-coating is completed.  Choose line color. Let cure.
  • Pull tape when lines have dried.  Do not wait for days, or get tape residue.
  • Touch up any paint mistakes you made while paint lines for basketball.
  • Lines should be accurate and have sharp edges when finished.


Resurface basketball courts at home residences.  Parks and school also have us resurface basketball courts.  The tennis courts at some high schools have basketball hoops on the side.  Lines are painted in other color than white.  The tennis lines are almost always white.  Other lines can not match tennis line color.  Resurface basketball courts every five to seven years.  If play more often then four of five years is proper.  If you play less often then seven or eight years is normal.resurface basketball courts often.  Resurface basketball courts in every town.  Resurface basketball courts from here to eternity and back.  I love basketball.  Hoops outdoors is great for your soul.






Resurface basketball courts as you were a tennis court.  All is the same but the lines.





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Serena or Venus Williams?  Which one of these sisters do you like the most?  You can vote on these tremendous athletes here by clicking the appropriate answer for you below.

Serena and Venus are enjoying themselves posing for a picture of them laughing it up.  They are looking at an iphone.  They are sure having fun with it.  Which one do you like the most.  Who is the better tennis player.  Who do you think is more liked.  I personally see Venus as the star here.  She is definitely the better tennis player in my opinion.  She may even be better looking?  I don't have an opinion about that , and I like them both.Serena or Venus has become a question most people do not want to answer.  That is because although Serena is better looking and more liked all around, her sister is a super star.  She is just about un-beatable when she is healthy and really want to beat you.  She is for sure one of the best ever.  Her very large size seems to intimidate her opponents.  You would think it would be a detriment to here ability.  It is not.  She move well.  She has all the shots.  I may have to side with Serena on this one.

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Venus or Serena??  They both scream out very loud when returning a shot.  It is not to intimidate others like i have heard.  it is simply to expel the rest of the air upon the exertion of the body.  That way your body has to breath in very fast and hard since it is completely out of breath.  The theory is that  the cells are oxygenated at the cellular level.  When you apply more air to be absorbed by the lungs, and injected oxygen into those much needed cells.  This ensures the athlete a replenished, oxygenated bloodstream for productive performances.


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Greatest golfers ever to play the game of golf are Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Gary Player, or just someone who we don't know about.  There is a fourteen year old player from Thailand.  He is in the Augusta National Championship playing for the Green jacket.  Bubba Watson will try to defend his title tonight in golfing his way to the Masters championship.  Tiger Woods will try to make history as well.  He is back into the number one spot in the world.  He is winning again, and Nike has taken him back.   Apparently everyone has taken him back.  Tiger woods is drawing huge tickets sales for the big golf tourney.  So, who is the greatest golfers ever?  We can not say who the greatest golfers ever are.  We can only say when, instead of who.  Time is not a fair tell all of who the greatest golfers ever are.bobby jones photo: Bobby Jones Greatest golfers ever include Jack Nicklaus as well as other older golfers.  Tiger Woods is top of the hill again this year after a spell of losing.  The Masters is teeing off tonight and we will see several attempting to accomplish something new.  Tiger to break records.  A fourteen year old from Thailand trying to get a cut.  Some old time golfers we have forgotten may be the greatest ever.  Bobby Jones, Arnold  Palmer, and Ben Hogan just to mention a few.ben hogan photo: Ben Hogan Colorarnold palmer photo: arnold palmer

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How To Tennis Surface

How to : Do I start with my tennis court or basketball court?

  • How To Start?  -A good place to start is to call a contractor for a bid.  They will know your needs by making a visit to your site.  You may use this information even if you plan to on trying to do it yourself. You can find the approximate corners of the site you wish to build the court on prior.  See LAYOUT

What is the measurement for a tennis court or other types?

  • TENNIS COURT   60′ x 120′  (36′ x 78′)
  • A tennis court measures seventy eight feet long.  A singles court is twenty seven feet wide.  The doubles court adds four and one half feet to each side of the singles making it thirty six feet wide.  (36’X78′)
  • The Area outside of the play is twelve feet per side alley and twenty one feet per back alley.  This makes the complete tennis court measurement sixty feet wide by one hundred twenty feet long.    Fence to Fence. Layout
  • PICKLE BALL   30′ x 60′   (20′ x 44′)
  • A pickle ball court is played with wiffle balls and large paddles.  The playing surface inside the lines is twenty feet wide by forty four feet long.  There five feet per side alley and eight feet per back alley.  Thirty feet by sixty feet. Layout
  • BASKET BALL  50′ x 84′(94′)
  • A basketball court is fifty feet wide.  The length varies.  The length for high school league play is eighty four feet.   college and professional courts are ninety four feet long.  All courts are fifty feet wide. Layout
  • PLAY COURTS  all sizes
  • A play court comes in many sizes and many shapes!  Back yard fun does not mean things have to be square and fit perfectly.  What ever design the homeowner wants, they can get.  Some takes more planning than others. Layout

What kind of base should I put under my concrete or asphalt?

  • Use crushed rock.  A 3/4 ”  crushed and compacted will do.   Using a crushed angular shaped rock for a base is considered a “locking”  base.  Rounded rock like pea gravel does not lock, but slips and slides as the earth moves.
  • One thing for sure is that the earth is moving!  The base should not be moving.  If the base is not locked in, future cracks and other problems with appear.
  • A compacted, four inch base is recommended.  I suggest a six in base.  Put the money here into the base.

Which Is Better?  Concrete Or Asphalt?

  • The answer here is a bit ambiguous.  They have characteristics for different circumstances.
  • Concrete is much harder and more brittle.  It is generally thicker and much denser.  Concrete needs special treatments prior to application of  any resurfacing products.
  • Asphalt is more flexible.  Its characteristics cause for settling if the base is moving.  Asphalt has a porous surface that is conducive for a deeper adhesion.   Asphalt generally takes more and larger equipment.  If  in a tight area, you may choose to pump in concrete instead of laying asphalt.

How much of it can I do myself?

  • Layout, excavation can be done by means of knowledge and hard work. (Heavy Equipment)
  • Call for Delivery of crushed rock,  spreading and compacting the base. (Heavy Equipment)
  • Measuring, cutting, and application of concrete forms. (Knowledge)
  • Re-bar grid or wire mesh to be used in concrete. (Knowledge)
  • Moisture barrier .
  • Mix, pour and move concrete level across forms.(trucks, pumps, crews)
  • Asphalt laid hot, and rolled as cools. (trucks, crews, Heavy equipment)
  • Surfacing (knowledge, equipment, material)


  • When constructing a tennis court, you should follow specifications for the pitch or slope of the court.  It should have minimum of .05 percent slope for drainage.  Without a pitch to the surface, water from rain and sprinklers will “pool”.  Called bird baths, courts built without a slope will hold water and deteriorate the coatings applied.  
  • The water will also cause other damages to your court.  Cracking, spalling, and plain old frustration will be the result of these puddles.  Bird baths are also aesthetic problems.  Patching a flat court can mean a lot of work with out realizing the results you are looking for.  
  • Only proper drainage can complete the desire for a court that dries in ample time.  You will not notice any slope in the court if you stick with recommended slope or pitch of .05% to 1.5 %.  
  • If problems of bird baths occur after following theses specifications due to the base settling or other reason, one may then have success patching the bird baths in the quest for reducing water on the court.  The drainage will continue over the patched area.


 answers photo: Questions and Answers qanda_zps556135aa.jpg




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Zero Tolerance In Tennis Etiquette

Zero Tolerance in tennis is for proper etiquette during play.

Zero tolerance is the everyday way of tennis in the sport.  They are supposed to act above other athletes, even apologizing for a point that accidentally bounced ouver the net.

Zero tolerance in tennis is a reality.  It is gentleman’s game.  Tolerance runs low in the form of accepting the unwanted.  Keeping the game clean, healthy and an example for other sports to take notice of.

When a tennis player hits a shot of the top of  the net, during play, and the ball dribbles of the top bouncing into the opponents court you will hear an apology.  Yes, sorry that I scored a point in that manner.  Of course the point is perfectly legal, and many times impossible to get to for the opponent.

Just to sound even softer, the term in tennis for zero is Love.  “Lof”  instead of zero is a sign of the type of sport tennis is . Love is from the French lof for egg.

The principle here is to respect yourself. You should also respect the game.  Respect the officials, the crowd and most of all you should respect your opponents effort and win with dignity.  That will allow you to also respect YOUR OPPONENT.  That is tennis Honesty, Integrity, and the list goes on.

The same can be said about the surface one is playing on.  Installers need to take care and measure many times.  Measure twice – cut once analogy will get you far in construction.  Installing surfaces and lining the court should be taken very seriously.

Tolerance for line measurements is minimal.  One sixteenth of an inch is considered normal tolerance for exacting line measurements.  Finished products should show little to no bleeding of serration of the line.

Completed lines must be straight.  The measurements must be on!  One sixteenth of an inch is not a lot,  but it is a lot in tennis my friend.  Tennis is a game of fractions!


Energy is helpful for humanity but what is it?

Energy is a valuable part of the world and the universe.  It is harnessed and used by humans for our needs.  Although we know how to use it and where to get it, we really have no understanding of what its is.Energy is the question – “what is energy?” is difficult to answer in a simple, intuitive way, although energy can be rigorously defined in theoretical physics.
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In the words of Richard Feynman, “It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount.”.

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That being stated, we have a nominal understanding of the body’d energy and it’s requirements. The refueling, rejuvenating processes our body goes through to store energy and then use it up when we need it has become the study of many a nutritionist. People everywhere are trying things that seem to give faster results. We are barely able to understand energy, and it’s attributes considering the human body, let alone having any real pure understanding of energy in our environment and what it really is.

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We are all aware of the recent rise in performances enhancing drugs used by our most worshiped athletes. All around the world there are reports of abuse and new rumors of use. Just exactly what the use of enhancers do for the body is misunderstood. one thing for sure is that the ones using it are gaining energy and strength. How does it work.

The body needs and uses energy daily for our routine life. When pushed out of comfort zones into heavier excitement of muscles groups of our bodies use, we find what exactly is happening. Our bodies have a way of storing energy and using it at higher levels when needed. That is when the refueling and rejuvenation process comes into play.

In physics, we learn that energy can not be created or destroyed! Sounds kind of suspect? Let me explain: In physics, energy can only be changed, not created or destroyed. For instance, a river has energy as it flows across it’s bed, changing into electric power source after it runs through our generating damns built for this purpose. It was changed from energy of moving water to energy such as electricity.

A river that flows into a hole in the ground, lets say, and disappears has not lost any energy. It has been stored in mother earth, usually in another form. For Our muscles, it is similar. We use calories to produce a lot of needed attributes. Power, strength, body heat, are a few of the important things our bodies do with that stored energy.

Steroids, and other performances enhancers are not actually a fix all. What they are and why they work gets em back to the  ENERGY it takes. These users are cheating only because no others are using. Users will find an increase in strength and energy from enhancers by gaining recovery time. Instead of soreness crippling ones ability to go work out. They gain advantages by getting faster healing of the muscle tissue. The sport event or workout that follows is like the first. All healed, and ready to go similar to rejuvenation

Energy that is stored is used changed at a faster rate for these cheaters. If all used, it would not be cheating. If all used, their would be level playing field. Since it is very dangerous to pad the body with enhancers to get big results, we must continue to keep enhancers out of sports.

Think about our bodies for just a moment. Compare it to other energy using device man has made. Can you imagine an automobile that can get rejuvenation from a form as simple as rest? Yes, our bodies need sleep as well, but when we are fatigued to the hilt, and can not go any further, our body will sleep. Somehow this process rejuvenates one, and readies them up for the next hurdle. No matter how long you rest the car, it won’t rejuvenate it’s energy.  How bizarre really to think about a system made to gain back energy used in that working mechanism.  Rest by itself is enough to let the human mechanism carry on with its performing tasks.  I don’t know how.

There is really no comparison to anything else we know of like this.  It would be nice to just get into a car that has been sitting and drive for twelve hours with out needing any gas or other foreign influence.  All ready and powered up just from a rest.  That would be nice.



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flying tennis balls are a pain.  Flying balls in any sport is a pain.  Flying balls can be a lack of concentration in the form of a split second.

Flying balls are a happening in every sport.  I played a lot of baseball when I was growing up.  I found out later, when I began playing tennis, that a baseball swing was  nothing like a tennis swing. I think a baseball player will have already established some bad habits in his swing prior to ever picking up a tennis racket.  The flying tennis ball can be corrected by concentration.

Similar to learning to play golf, a baseball swing has already established movement and power in different ways than should be used for a tennis swing. I still love the pure feel of power when I errantly blast one clean out of the court. I mean out as in “over the fence” out! The flying tennis ball is a lack of concentration by the hitter.

I can only hold back for so long than I feel that urge that my baseball coaches instilled in me prior to tennis: “Hit it out of the park!”.  I do love flying tennis balls! It still feels now as it felt then, giving a crushing blow. I know to win the match I must set aside any temptation to accelerate the swing to a point that makes my tennis swing a bit out of control.

That is the human element we all deal with is sports. The larges field of play in any sport is the field of play in your mind. The mental aspects of sports rule. The physical aspects you may or may not have an advantage in, can be easily upgraded by you mental toughness and ability to stay within yourself and the parameters of your training in order to compete with your opponent and with yourself.  A Flying ball is the result of concentration failure.

 I was recently visiting an indoor tennis facility, to recommend and bid on some tennis courts surfacing needs. The tennis pro was happy to see me, and we talked a bit, walking around the entire facility discussing the matter. That is when I saw one of his assistants throwing a football, and he was training some real young tennis players with the ball. As I watched I wondered. What training benefit could these children gaining from learning to throw a football? I asked the tennis pro about it and his reply became instant fact to me, and I could relate with the explanation he gave me.

He said that a football is thrown in a manner that levitates the elbow, and teaches the proper leverage for a tennis serve. In a split second the concentration may lack, causing a ball to end up flying way off the course of intended travel.

As I watched, I became instantly engaged, and I even called for the pass. “Here! Over here!”, I called out.
The ball came flying across the courts, with somewhat of a spiral and as I caught the football I was immediately in a childhood dream. I gather myself, took a three step drop, stepped down on my front foot and delivered a bullet. The spiral was so tight that it startled the receiver I had tossed it to. He jumped out of the way.

OOPS! I apologized, not thinking I could still thrown a football. After all it takes a tremendous amount of practice and training to properly uncork a throw like that.

He said, “you have played some football before.” Yeah, right. Years ago I had played high school and college footbal training to throw like that. It all came back in one throw. The tennis pro began to explain his vantage point about why he used footballs in tennis training.

He said, “I use it to show how the arm, elbow, and wrist should maintain position. The position he wants to teach looks very similar to the action of throwing a football. I gave some extra tips that he was not aware of, as relating to proper hand placement and how you get it on top of the ball. Should never throw side arm. That should be left to the strongest players like BretT Favre or Terry Bradshaw. I, being slighter than most, learned how to get on top of the ball. I learned how to used the complete body when I delivered a pass.

    Having been trained to throw a football over the top, even dramatic enough to say my release comes from the other side of my body, it can be understood why I can serve like I do. The motions are the same. Take the football out of my hand and insert a tennis racquet in it’s place and away it goes. The hand-eye coordination is altogether another discussion, but I with proper coordination the throwing of a football properly, and the serving of a tennis ball have dynamics that make them more similar than I had ever imagined.

Are you a good server? Maybe you should try out for quarterback on the football team? Better yet, for your safety and health: If your a quarterback, maybe you should try out for tennis and have tons of fun in the sun! Nobody will try to knock your block off during the game either.  I is a refreshing type of competition to watch the ediquiet one observes.  a much welcome thing to re-introduce into our society again.


Water hydration for athletes is a must.  People that train need it bad.  The body that is not in training is still in need of it.  You can imagine how much more the body involved in a workout needs it too.  Sweat rolling of the body needs replaced with good clean hydration.WHAT IS WATER ?- h2o1

Water and Local water questions for EPA Click Here.

Water Hydration is the athletes best friend. No one can manage a proper workout regime with out proper hydration. The body at it’s most liquid form could be at almost 60% water weight. Some people’s obesity decreases the amount of water in the body to as low as 45%.  These figures are general average and do not reflect individual percentage. The idea is to maintain a level of water that your body is comfortable with.


Always keep the body hydrated, especially when working out. I believe pure water is the best for hydration. I also believe that you must stay ahead of the hydrating factors, much like getting your daily sleep. Keeping up daily on your water intake with keep you from a more frantic hydrating catch up, that can spell out danger.  Surfacing tennis courts in the sun for sixteen hours a day will teach one the proper hydration.  Drink water! Ahead.

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What kinds of other water have people been trying to stay hydrated with? There are so many now, I could not list them all. Bottled water for instance, comes from so many different corners of the world I can not keep up. The sources are mind boggling.

A name such as “GOD’S BOTTLE”  could be from my backyard pond.  I read the labels, and find out that most of the bottled water has been filled with public tap water. There is nothing deceptive about this, since the E.P.A. has not interfered with bottlers techniques. As long as the water seems healthy, it is good to go.

The labels themselves can lead one to think of high mountain freshness, bottled waterfalls, or other visionary methods to get you to buy them. The truth about these names is that they are mostly just names. Look at the bottling information found on each bottle of water. The source site and city will be listed.

My last bottle of store bought water looked so good.  I thought much better water because I read the brand name. Wow!  Now that sounds like some good water! I was in a hurry, and it definitely looked like awesome water. I read the label, only to find out it was bottled in Los Angelas, CA. I can get it from my tap that is some of the best drinking water in the nation! I wondered to myself, “why am I drinking LA water?” The worst part about it was that I had just  paid good earned money for water that didn’t taste as good as my tap water.  Maybe I will buy new can of CHINESE AIR  just to breath it for the cost of it.   Go figure.


Now, like most self conscious  people,  I fill a water bottle myself, from my own tap. Yes, I could buy an excellent filtered bottle, and be assured of the cleanliness of my water, but I am still very confident in our clean water for now.

For the rest of us, the filtered water bottle should be considered a must! It clean hundreds of bottles of water, before needing to change filters, and you will never have to worry about where the water you just bought from a store, was bottled. Better yet, you will know the exact source, and it will be clean!

Some claim that that alkaline drink is the way to increase ph level of the water and get alot of healthy results. I am on the fence, until further studies accumulate. Some doctors are saying one thing while other another. Some of the testimonials I have read some pretty good if they are true. I is hard to tell someone that a product does not work for their needs.

When people are testifying to the positive benefits that they have found then its hard to deny,  Go figure. I would use a little bit of caution with most new crazes, and never overdue anything that is new to the body.  If you want to put new kinds of agents into your body, do so a little at a time, and consult a physician first.

Getting the body to adjust to new ways should be done mildly at first and probably under a doctors watch. Seems there are millions that disagree and are having plenty of luck. Reports of alkalized water or ionized water have been all over. Some claims include, reduced fatique, fat burn off by boosting metabolism. There are claims that the ph helps absorption of nutrients at the cellular level, increasing health. Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings

There are a lot of watering products out there to choose from when it comes to finding your hydration needs. I still believe that nothing is better than PURE WATER for my hydration.

Yes, I occasionally grab something other than plain water. Seems electrolytes I have burned up during workouts and sporting events is my search. I don’t really know if they help me or not, but it seems so. I only find myself searching when I have neglected my daily regime of water, water, and more water.



Wet balls every time it rains the tennis courts get flooded. They dry out in ample time for resuming play, but the puddles left behind from the rain storm are a nuisance. Playing tennis outdoors can take on many challenges that an indoor facility doesn’t. Wind, sun, and rain can change our approach to how we play the game. Don’t let wet balls slow your tennis game down.


For most surfaces the time that manufactures recommend to wait for drainage and drying is 20 to 30 minutes. A good look at the playing surface after that can tell the tale. Puddles, or “Bird Baths” on the surface may become a considerable pain.

Every time the tennis ball rolls into the puddle, it gets wet. Hitting a wet tennis ball is much different than a normal dry, bouncing ball. The serve travels shorter, and is drawn towards the ground faster resulting in lets and faults. most may make an attempt to dry the ball by hitting it rapidly down to the dry surface below. His opponent will soon be trying to negotiate a stubborn bounce. Wet shoes are not fun. Wet socks even less fun. Smashing the water out a few times in this manner can leave on feeling frustrated and wet!


Wet balls
A good tool to purchase is a  long handle push rollers with a round head designed to push water off the playing surface.  This  allows for quicker drying and sooner resumption of play. The “roller-squeegees  range in price, but generally you can find complete assembled for a little over a 100 dollars. Push puddles so you will have no wet balls upon resumption of play.

They look like giant paint rollers!   The rollers have a sponge like cylinder which are replaceable (although the seem to last for ages). I highly recommend to hang one on the interior of your tennis fence somewhere in the corner if you have water puddles, or “bird baths” and warm the body back up pushing the excess water from the court surface. This can rid you of the wet balls that make tennis not fun.

wet balls are annoying.  wet balls can be embarrassing.  wet balls can make a tennis game came to a stand still.
Another, more expensive way to go about dealing with bird baths on the surface of the tennis court, is to hire a contractor(CLICK HERE FOR ONE) that is experienced in patching such problems. The contractor needs to be well rehearsed in this type of specialized repair or else the finished product will be worse than wet balls you hoping to get rid of! I would rather have to play with a wet tennis ball than to trip over an inexperienced attempt at repairing this kind of problem. Then there are no wet balls at all!

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Patching bird baths on a tennis court can be quit laboring. For instance, with out a survey for every square foot of the tennis court pad. (trust me, this is incredibly laboring, creating a grid of surveying every square foot.) Finding the pitch and drainage can leave one chasing puddles of water across the tennis court. Patch by patch, you find that you are moving a puddle of water to rest in new spots on the surface of a tennis court.

Proper patching of bird baths can be successful only if, and when, there is a constant slope for drainage. Without proper drainage, a contractor could spend thousands only to find out that the bird baths are still there. For the best chance of succeeding in removing standing water from a tennis court surface is to Make sure that proper slope of drainage is realistic prior to patching puddles.

wet balls

wet ballsFor many tennis players, the bounce of the tennis ball is EVERYTHING. An experienced tennis player can expect a somewhat predictable  bounce that their  have already sorted upon approach to return the shot. With out a predictable bounce. You may see them picking fuzz off the surface, or even tiny pebbles, using facial expression to show everyone around that some foreign object caused a bad bounce. To keep confidence, one may turn to the surface for an excuse. It is like “holding”in football- it’s always in the game.  Wet balls can definitely be an excuse of tennis players that expect certain bounces.

Keeping tennis ball dry, and out of bird baths may increase your happiness while playing that tennis match with your mate. Going about the bird bath problem solving can be indulging. I suggest to get any bird baths that effect play, or in immediate line of play filled and reduced. Don’t worry as much about the perimeter, it pushes off edges with little effort.

Perimeter bird baths in many cases should be left alone, and compensated with a rolling dryer. This should save plenty of money that can be used elsewhere on the court. For around 100 bucks to purchase the roller, you may be able to save thousands of dollars worth of work it would take to patch.

REMEMBER a patched or filled bird bath does not insure that the water will be gone. It may just move over! Using a roller to help dry the court will accomplish a lot in a small amount of time and with not much money.

The effort it takes to push the standing water from puddles is a good warm up.  You will be back to playing without a big waiting period.  You will also be loose and ready to play.



Fun core strength workouts can have greatest payoff.

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Fun, as I walked in the door of Cabela’s recently, I was reminded quickly of the adventurous escapes to fun I had been missing. I love hiking, and believe it is one of the greatest ways to get in and to stay in shape. For those tennis buffs that need longer leg stamina hiking help your strength and endurance. The best thing about it is the work out itself. while walking, climbing, and pulling your way up or down trails.

It is a FUN one. You loose track of how much time and energy you have just used hiking and looking at the beauty mother nature displays on her own, by herself with no help from mankind. Sometimes it can even be breathtaking! Hiking can strengthen the body for a multitude of sports. The core strength we need to work, play, or just live is available today for free, and hiking offers benefits to you.
As I walked nearer the center of the Cabela’s store, I was instantly taken back. Taken back in more ways than one. I was in a trance, putting myself in the WILD with animals from their habitat. Yes, I know it was only taxidermy, but these wild animals are FULL body reproductions that look amazing. The visit to these displays are better than most zoo’s i have visited.

All sorts of wild game, reproduced through careful taxidermy techniques, and mounted rams, bucks, birds etc. inside what looks to be Yellowstone National Park or something. It is a wonderful way to get the mind thinking again of the hiking and workouts we are in need of. Whatever the sport we are gearing up to play, try taking a walk through the nearest Cabela’s and get inspired to go out and do it! Outdoor recreation is the most natural way to exercise both mind and body. IT IS FUN TO WORKOUT THIS WAY.

Hunters know this well. Some have even stated that their is somewhat of a spiritual side to these outdoor adventures. There’s no doubt about the workout in it.

Tennis athletes, basketball players, even golfers in some climates are pushed indoors for their respective sports. Continued play and practice indoors is an acceptable way to keep up the skills you need to compete, even if you only compete with yourself. in the Outdoors, the basketball does not shoot the same. You need a litte more backspin to keep the ball on course to the basket. The tennis ball curves farther and harder outdoors than inside a facility. Many thing can change when moving from indoor facility to and outdoor one.

The biggest advantage one can give themselves is to strengthen their CORE. Core strength contributes to most of the endurance we have and keep during the workout or match. If your core strength is at it’s top level, then everything else becomes routine.

Adjusting shots, swings, running styles and things of that nature to compensate for what you believe to be inefficiency you are experiencing, when it is really fatigue. Your stronger CORE will give you a more balanced feel so that no adjustment will be needed. We tend to change our swing, our shooting style and running technique when we are getting tired. The strengthened core will help keep that from happening to you. You have so much fun you forget your working out.


No excuse should keep us from sharing what mother nature’s outdoors has to give us in regards to health and wellness. I ask you to try the Cabela’s Inspirational Walk, that I took. It will spark the mind, and stimulate your sense to wanna get outdoors. By getting out, you will have done much more than you think for your body and that CORE STRENGTH everyone is always talking about. There’s nothing like nature!



Speed of play is important to the serious tennis player.  It means getting to balls that you can’t.  It also means hitting the ball no one can return. Adjust play with the surface!

S O C C E R     T R A I N E R  

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So you are being killed by the player that hits the BIG serve. The velocity of the tennis ball can be controlled with the surface you choose. Worn out tennis courts are very fast, as the ball slides across the impact with the surface. One could say that the velocity of the ball is the same, yet the bounce is different. How ever you want to see it, there are products used to control the speed of play.


Larger aggregate in the coating mix can produce a bounce in the ball that is more realistic, and gives the player returning it a fighting chance. I remember a professional tennis player locally that had a 118 mph serve. His father wanted the play to continue after each of his serves. The norm was to just say, “nice serve” and move just move over.

The speed of the ball and the bounce gave one little to no opportunity to get the ball back over the net. By adding a larger aggregate to the mix, the accomplished slowing, and angle of the bounce gave the opposition a return over the net, making the server play some tennis rather than just ace after ace.

The split second you gain, and the projection of the bounce made the difference in the capability to hit the ball back to the server. Likewise, the server now has to locate the returned tennis ball and make a play on it. This young man’s father had ordered and received exactly what he was looking for. His son now had to play tennis, instead of whipping everyone with the BIG serve.

Some contractors will try to accommodate this specification by adding fine crushed sand to the mix. This does have the same effect on the play, slowing it and appropriating the bounce upward. The problem with this technique is that the sand used is crushed instead of rounded. One can find silica sand in bags, fine enough to do the job, but the results can vary.

Products made by manufactures to slow play are engineered for this purpose, rounded by a machine until the sharp edges of the aggregate are gone and are fit for use in the coating materials. If you get regular silica sand, let say 120 to 140 grit out of bag and add it to the mix to slow play, you will also be speeding some things up! One of these would be how fast you use up tennis balls.

Tennis balls fray and become fluffed from impacting this sharp angular aggregate, wearing the tennis balls. Another is the fact that you will speed up the number of shoes you go through, since the same wearing effect will attack the sole of your shoes, sanding the tread down. Before you try to slow play down with surface changes, remember to make sure the contractor is using a product engineered for such a purpose instead of sharp angular type of filler.


The slower play efforts have been welcomed dearly into the college community of tennis. Many of the tennis courts sent out for bid to contractors specify a filler that is rounded and manufactured for this purpose. The courts look the same from the eye of the player, but action is much different. I believe it is a more equal match for these amateur players and much more fun to watch.

I would rather cheer for a longer volley after a point than a slew of rockets counting ace after ace. It is still very much possible to ace you opponent when the surface has been slowed by this application. The aces are reduced, but one can still serve to spots that can not be returned as easily.

Regardless of the speed you want, the rich colors will still show the beauty of the court. No matter if you add slowing aggregate or resurface with a faster or nominal speed, you can expect it to look good. Whether you want to buy many more tennis balls and sneakers due to wear, or you add the proper rounded aggregate to the surface, you can expect the play to slow.

It may be that you wait until your age does not allow you to get to the ball as often. You will enjoy the extra volley with you tennis mates! More equality, a better workout, and more fun on the court should be the result

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Growing problems from cracks on a tennis court need maintained.

Growing problems from cracks:  This is the time of year when we pick up the tennis rackets and the sneakers. Time to begin another beautiful season of playing tennis with friends. Some of us are lucky to be members of indoor facilities such as racket clubs or sports facilities enabling their game to improve through the winter months.

Growing problems can lead to many other problems as well.

For those of us that are not so fortunate, we find ourselves out of shape and in need of some pre-season workouts to prepare for the physical entertainment. Time to schedule in some workouts to ready-up for the season.

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Adidas at Paragon

Likewise, the tennis courts are also struggling to make it through the freeze and thaw that can compromise surfaces that we play on. Just as we must get ourselves prepared prior to the game we love to play, so must we prepare the tennis court surfacing for play as well. Most outdoor tennis facilities are built on asphalt or concrete slabs. The base under these slabs can mimic mother nature’s movement of earth and compromise their structural integrity. Freezing and thawing contributes to expansion and contraction in the pad, causing movement. This movement often causes cracks to appear and/or re-appear. Growing and growing until dangerous.

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Concrete pads are usually saw-cut for the expansion and contraction prior to cracking. By cutting joints into the pad, one has accepted the reality of cracks. The cuts are chosen cracks, instead of meandering arbitrarily throughout the tennis court pad. Although they are “pre-cut” joints, they are still considered cracks and must be treated as so. Filling and feathering is the best maintenance for these growing problems.

There is no real fix for cracking, just ways to maintain the cracks. I have seen many promises of crack repairs or fixes that do not last past couple years. They start growing  when they were supposed to last forever. I am sure the latter is not possible, accepting that “fix” means maintain is the first step. Maintenance means less growing for cracks on tennis courts.

Color matching, and sanding as well as repainting white lines is the best way to maintain cracks. The most important part is to thoroughly clean out the cracks to be filled. You must then sterilize with ground sterilizer rather than weed killer, since it will last longer and keep more varieties from taking root. Growing weeds helps cracks in growing too.

Try to clean out the cracks to the depth of the width. This insures better adhesive and gives more of the cracks inner wall the full adhesion. Cracks must be dry and the weather must be nice, long enough for the product used to set up and cure to full strength.

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Whether you cut
expansion joints into you tennis court ahead of time or watch them snake their way across the court where and when they want; filling them is one and of the same encouragement. Neither will outlast the other.

Most courts that are well cracked are due to bad base aggregate size and depth prior to laying of the pad. It is suggested to have 4 inches deep crushed rock for a base. I use 6 inches. I’d rather spend money on extra base than extra anything else! When choosing a base, make sure you specify crushed rock. River rock and pea gravel types of base are not very good under concrete or asphalt pads. Growing need for base causes this.

The crushed rock
has sharp, angular structures making compaction easy and locks it into place. River rock or “rounded” base does not compact very well, and like marbles under a board rolling and moving as much as it wants. This compromises the integrity of the complete tennis court. The surface can be effected by the movement of the base underneath.

I personally believe crack filling tennis courts should take place at the beginning of each year, insuring a full season of play ability. Some want cracks sealed prior to winter months to help keep water out. This too is acceptable, but as a second fill for the year.  Cracks growing due to lack of maintenance.

I do not believe one should replace the beginning of the season crack fill with end of the year crack fill, but rather can be added as a second maintenance after the first pre-season fill. Most cracks are nothing to worry about and they do not even effect play. They are small enough that they only impose a problem of aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Most just want them gone, and do not want to see them. Some are so severe that they need to be maintained more often or locked up for the reason of liability.

NEVER APPLY HOT TAR OR ANY OTHER OIL BASED PRODUCT TO TENNIS COURTS. This is very messy and tracks all over the tennis court when the sun is hot and players are stepping in it. Yes it gets soft and gooey all over again.

This type of crack fill is less expensive at first but in the long run will cost you more to remove the hot tar to maintain them properly. Contractors will bid a lot higher when they see it. There are some pourable fillers and well as other products for filling cracks in tennis courts.


All crack filling products, no matter their claims, are not made for permanent repairs.  Cracks are a maintenance issue, and one that needs addressed constantly.  Stay on top of the situation annually instead of waiting for some kind of big fix.



Tennis Court Surfacing

Tennis court

Tennis court surfacing can make a number of facilities look like an Olympic town.  Tennis courts lined side by side and surfaced give a landscape of aesthetic beauty in color.

Portabable Video-Mount & CamcorderTennis courts all line up.  The courts in a row all colored makes a look of beauty. Courts can add a  lot to a town.  It is area that can look marvelous with out mowing.  No vegetation to maintain on tennis courts.

Tennis Video Camera System: It HANGS ON THE FENCE – Mount & Camcorder

Tennis Video Camera: Mount & Camcorder

BY hanging a camera on the fence, it frees one up to play the game.  Once your done you just retrieve the video camera, and watch your match.  You can then make adjustments to your game from the video you produced.  The only thing is that the whole setup is so simple you may forget you even brought it.  It is below $300 bucks and well worth it.


Tennnis court surfacing and layout can be a tricky thing to tackle  Like all other trades in the world, one needs basic knowledge prior to even attempting it.  The techniques used are difficult to learn at first.  Day after day working on the court can make your experience greater, and you will be able to apply them.  Until you learn how to squeegee, you will be putting down a less desirable product.

The finished product looks nearly the same no matter what technique you use.  From a distance the colors look rich, and the lines look straight.  Upon further inspection by walking the courts, you will find ridges, and other variations that cause bad bounces.  Only an experienced contractor will be able to install it with perfection.  Others will end up with something that looks good from a distance.




Products for tennis courts are listed below.  You may need to click here to drop down. Pickleball, basketball and other sports courts are also here.


  • Products : CONCRETE PREP

    Products with this formulation prepares previously un-coated Portland Cement concrete for coating with the fortified acrylic surfacing system.  A concrete prep should be a chemically modified etcher for concrete pre-treatment which requires no after wash.



    This clear two-component epoxy primer is a concrete penetrant which is an excellent bonding agent for use on new or un-coated concrete prior to the application of the fortified surface system..


    A lightly pigmented 100% acrylic emulsion used as a primer on existing surfaces to promote adhesion or as a bonding agent for the adhesion of fiberglass membranes to asphalt tennis courts. Products are made for adheasive requirements.



    New or existing asphalt or concrete surfaces can be easily patched and levelled with this high-strength acrylic latex bonding liquid.  Patches of this material can measure as much as 3/4″ (1.9cm) in depth and still not shrink or crack as they dry.  Additionally,  Binder is fast drying and setting products.

  • Cement – Portland type II  ;  Portland type I-II
  • Silica Sand -Cleaned/washed/bagged -70 Grit.  +-



    A reliable, fast-drying underlayment for the fortified acrylic.  It’s excellent adhesion, filling properties and durability make it the best choice for preparation of new asphalt or concrete and for older surfaces. Products work with silica under coating.



    Color Base is a neutral textured base used for mixing with Color and water to produce fortified acrylic coatings. Using specially designed silica sands, the base allows  the capability to select the desired speed-of-play.  Available in three speeds-of-play.  Products can control speed of play.

  •  COLOR

    A highly pigmented acrylic coating used in comination with  base or approved silica sand to provide a uniformly textured surface.  Available in  standard colors or custom colors upon request.


    A resilient, asbestos-free latex undercoating to compliment the performance of the fortified acrylic. Manufactured with  rubber particles, the  cushioned base coat is designed to give the cushion  a softer underlayment and retain extraordinary resiliency properties throughout the life of the court. Cushion base coat may be applied on both indoor and outdoor asphalt and concrete. Applications over outdoor concrete require that a proper vapor barrier has been installed under the slab and appropriate perimeter drainage is in place.




    A pure acrylic non-glare marketing paint, it is used on tennis as well as other net ball courts, athletic running tracks and asphalt curbing.  It is durable, “non-alligatoring” formulation available in variety of colors in both textured and non-textured form.  Available in  standard colors or custom colors upon request.


  • Mixer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Hose  Water Supply
  • Powerwasher
  • Squeegee
  • Buckets
  • Scoop Shovel
  • Tape Measure
  • Snap Line
  • Blower
  • Scraper
  • Paint Brushes
  • Horse Hair Broom
  • Material (Products)
  • Specifications
  • Gate Locks


Tennis Court Resurfacing


Inspect overall surface conditions for peeling, divots, cracks, and color fading. During the winter months keep water from reaching any cracks to prevent expanding and damage. If surfaces are worn and the color is faded, consult your Authorized  Applicator about re-coating.  Products for specialty coatings are available.

Manufacturers recommend, “Resurfacing” your tennis court every 4-6 years depending on the amount of usage and environmental exposure. This resurfacing can range from a simple new color finish system to full asphalt overlay(s). It is recommended that the owner consult an Authorized  Applicator, professional engineer or architect.


The most common problem with asphalt tennis courts is cracking which is caused, in part, by the natural tendency of asphalt to shrink as it weathers and ages. In addition, asphalt loses its flexibility and becomes more brittle over time. Since outdoor courts are also exposed to weathering, including expansion and contraction caused by temperature extremes, cracking is inevitable. Products to fill cracks by maintenance are available.

Asphalt tennis courts crack more quickly than asphalt roads and parking lots because tennis courts do not benefit from the compressive kneading generated by traffic which helps to keep the asphalt pliable and, thereby, delay cracking.

Premature or extensive cracking may be caused by poor asphalt mix, poor site conditions, poor design, or by poor construction. Quality design and construction may minimize or delay cracking but cannot completely eliminate it. Once cracks appear it may be impossible to repair their cause, but it is not impossible to repair the crack itself.The majority of cracking is a result of old asphalt which has lost its ability to “flex” and the pavement “shrinks” therefore “tearing” apart. Some cracking may occur prematurely, in pavements less than 12 years old if there are “weak” paving joints, sub standard asphalt mix and or application, unstable base and or subbase materials.

Maintenance and Repair Solutions

Manufactures of  a multitude of repair materials and systems for various sizes and types of cracks some lasting longer than others but even the very best system, material can only repair existing irregularities. Once a court begins to develop structural cracks, there is a very good chance the existing cracks will grow in width and length and more will develop over time.

When the lineal footage of cracks exceeds 150′-200′ per court, and or the area of the crack interferes with the game, it is time to consider reconstruction, i.e. removal of the pavement or pulverization of the pavement, replacing the net post and adding new pavement, surface and color.

Overlays, the addition of new asphalt on top of old failed asphalt will result in new “failed” asphalt, the old cracks reflect through the new pavement within a year or two.

For a complete description of tennis court maintenance and repair problems, refer to the American Sports Builders Association Tennis Court Construction Guidelines.






products by California Products are used for tennis courts.  Products are the best. products for tennis courts include plexipave.



The color finishing system should be an all-weather; durable, quick-drying color surfacer.  It should providing superior resistance to deterioration from ultra-violet rays. It should be 100% acrylic latex.  It should be a color intense sports surfacer that is formulated for use over both asphalt and concrete. It should be a high performance finish coat that is ideal for tennis courts, basketball courts, play areas, multi-purpose sport surfaces, light traffic pathways, walks and field houses. Use products that qualify for longevity.



  • Tennis Court Maintenance

    Court surfaces are very low maintenance.  The long-lasting acrylic finish requires minimal attention to maintain excellent and consistent play characteristics.

    Keep court free of foreign matter

    Things such as dirt and leaves can lead to premature deterioration of the surface.

    Beware of water

    After cleaning your court, take care to dry the surface thoroughly before playing. Also, do not over-irrigate around court edges. Check for birdbaths and low spots on outdoor courts. Too much time between cleaning can result in stains and water marks.  Products are made to push water off the court.  SEE ROLLER.

    Clean your court frequently

    Clean your court monthly. Courts should be kept clean of all foreign matter – sand, pebbles, leaves, dirt, debris, moss, mold and mildew. Use a power blower or rinse the surface of debris not washed away by rainfall.

    Use the right equipment

    A soft nylon or hair-type push broom can be used for sweeping and scrubbing. Beware that scrubbing too hard can damage surface. Connect a water broom to a standard garden hose (70 p.s.i. max.) for hard to clean areas.


    • Do not drive maintenance equipment onto the court without protecting the surface.  Products are not made for abuse.
    • Place pads under equipment or chairs with sharp edges to avoid surface damage. Products are softer for flexibility.
    • Require non-marking soles on athletic footwear.
    • Do not drag heavy objects across the surface.










Basketball Court

Basketball court surfacing is similar to tennis courts.

Basketball courts need the same attention as tennis courts.  When surfacing a basketball court you should isolate each colored area to help make it last longer with rich colors.

baskeball players all over the world love to play ball in shoes that last.  The arch support is very important for players to wear.  Response time and traction are also very important.   basketball is under armour savvy.  Hoopsters love to play ball.  They purchase under armour for a reason.  It gets rid of the sweat on your body so you can play with out the worries getting sick.     basket ball stretching can keep you from injury.  You should allow plenty of time to stretch out your muscles.  The most important muscles to stretch for ball is the achiles tendon   basketball apparel can be from bamboo or hemp if you please.  Most people use tank tops and shorts to play.  Everyone on an organized team is usually required to wear alike clothing.  Referees may issue a technical foul to a team that does not comply with dress codes.

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Volleyball Court


Volleyball can be played on hard surfaced courts.  It ends up like playing on a gymnasium floor.  Volleyball plays on grass or sand also.  Olympics play on sand and gymnasiums.

GET VERTICAL LEAP!volleyball is the future.  volleyball is thought of as a girls sport but men have played it for centuries.  Many well known basketball heroes played volleyball.  Many played before their basketball careers.  Some continued to play it even after a professional basketball lifetime.  Kareem, Wilt Chamberlain were just a two of them. volleyball photo: volleyballPink balls are a nice thing to see.  A ball of this color can draw your eyes right to it as it in play.  This makes it easier to watch the game.  Remember when hockey added the "glow" to the puck.  I thought it helped the viewer, but they done away with it anyway.

Layouts can be a bit funny if you do a lot of it.  The reason being is that the lines on some sports are considered in play, while other sports lines are out of play.  The tennis court plays lines.  They are measure as part of the court and are therefore in play.  Volleyball is opposite.  The lines are not considered in play and are measured accordingly.

A ball that hits the line in tennis and pickleball is called in.  A ball hitting the line in volley is called out.  Basketball, football, and most others are considered out if you or the ball touches them.

Sometimes hovering over a line is permitted and is not considered a rule fault.  Other sports you may have broke a rule just by breaking the plane of imaginary upward allocation of and invisible line you crossed by doing so.




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Pickleball Court

Pickleball courts are a very popular backyard option.

Pickleball and its followers are in a sense like a cult.  They play in leagues and everything is all about pickleball.  They don’t care for tennis as much.  There are a lot of real talented players out there.  There are a lot of serious competitors you have never known.

pickleball play is meant to excite the speed of play for many that think tennis is drawn out.  It is played with wooden or plastic paddles.  The serve has to be cross courts as in tennis.  The play is similar to tennis in the volley, half volley and the single bounce rules.  There is a line seven feet each way from the net.  This line is a no volley line.  You are not to cross this line during play for volleying.  You may cross this line to hit a ball that has bounced on your side, but did not make it past the no volley line.  Like tennis, doubles are permitted.  It is a bit crowded at first, but soon you realize that the whiffle ball used has little bounce.  You can not get to all the shots, so a partner is a welcome crowd to your side of the net.
PickleBall Set


Dura Pickleball – One Dozen

Thses whiffle balls are used for the game.  Hitters find it kinda fun to really be able to whale on the ball and have it stay in the vicinity.  I love pickleball for this reason.  I don't have to chase balls over the fence or all over the court for that matter.


The courts are available for backyard that are too small for tennis. Many users plan a corner of their yard and color the surface green to match the grass. I looks clean, matches, and you can play basketball or pickleball on it. You should allow for a thirty foot wide by sixty food long court. This size allows for a full pickleball court, as well as a complete half court for basketball, played perpendicular to the pickleball court.